Saturday, April 2, 2011

Talent Scout: Lewis Mirrett

Hey folks! I know it's been a while.... actually a while doesn't begin to explain it but I promise there has been good reason. I've a new gig! Since January, I've taken over as the online editor of FASHION Magazine. to be exact, so I spose I've been funnelling all of my genius ideas and discoveries into that platform, and well that's just not fair! There have been loads of great posts in the last little while, but I wanted to share my favourite discovery so far... a budding photography student by the name of Lewis Mirrett.

Introduced to me by Susie Sheffman (FASHION's inimitable fashion director), I decided to give this kid a shot based on not much else but a gut instinct and boy am I glad I did. I've been over street style photos for a while, the sameness of the poses, the cropping, the copy catting... Lewis though, has breathed new life into the age old (and by that i mean minute old) style with his unbelievable eye for the details, his obsession with juicy colour editing and genuine passion. Check out some of my fave snaps below (the rest can be viewed HERE). Watch out for this one... I can tell you that. (Oh, and the gals in the first photo? That's my friend Sahar, you might remember as a former Kate Girl and Shirin, another amazing photog!)