Sunday, June 28, 2009

Go Ask Alice

Ok, so I know most of you have probably seen the first images from Tim Burton's upcoming take on Alice in Wonderland but I am too excited to not post them yet again. Like anything whimsical and acidy looking, Alice has always been soooo my waiting for this movie is like sitting on the bus with a full bladder. I just wish it was Halloween so I could decide which out of Helena's, Anne's and Johnny's looks I'd want to attempt...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Since hearing the news of dear Mikey's passing yesterday, I've been somewhere between holding back tears and thinking 'why do I care'? I'm always super weirded out by the fact that a celebrity death should affect a fan so much, but in the case of Michael's just impossible not to care.

Aside from all thats been said in the past day, that he revolutionized music, that he was the king, that his music will live on forever, it's really just that memories of him and his music are so ingrained in that warm early-childhood corner of my heart. All I keep thinking of is my 10 year old bewilderment of his crotch grab, of my constant imitation of the 'whoooo!', of the electrifying barely-touching-the-stage silky struts! Never again? To say Mikey's going to be sorely missed in an understatement.

News of his death is also particularly unbelievable considering, how for lack of better phrase, hot he was this season. What with his recent Balmain purchases (and obvious inspiration on Decarnin) and the thrilling auction of his belongings that never actually happened. Double tradge! I spent a few hours poring over the catalogues and literally just...astounding. Above are a few of the most amazing pieces that would have been for sale....

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Obviously I couldn't stay away from on this baby, so without further are some of my favourite of the King of Pop's songs...

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Teeny House Bunny all grown up!

There's somethin' real special in Teen Vogue's August issue. It's real poufy, real pretty and sittin atop Emma Watson's head! It's a friggin Teeny House Bunny hairpiece!!!!! (Which in case you didn't know is the work of our very own Robin along with her fellow bunnies, Alex and Dyana) Are you freaking out? Because we're freaking out. Not this Katie Girl had even the tiniest of doubts in her co-conspirator, but so soon? And so perfectly placed in such a stunning shoot? I feel just like a mother waving goodbye to her college-bound children! Bravo girls, Bravo!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Attack: Cecil Beaton Meets Marc Jacobs

I don't usually love posting photoshoots straight up torn out of a magazine, but Flaunt's latest tribute to Marc Jacobs and Lanvin's spring collections was too spectacular to pass up. The shoot, entitled 'A Simple Expression of Complex Thought' is Willem de Kooning meets Cecil Beaton...and we all know how I feel about that. Also, doesn't the top right image look like one of those 3D pictures you're supposed to stare at until you see an image?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long Live Coney Island!

As we anxiously await the good times (and good weather!) of summer, us Katie Girls are reminded of last summer, and our fond memories of the now defunct Astroland Park.

Hanging around Coney Island is like crossing over into the Twilight Zone. It's the only place where you can grab a hotdog and watch a freakshow while tanning - can we get an amen for that?

Obviously the thought a Coney-less summer makes our dear little peepers well up, so in the interest of being nostalgic, here are a few pics from one of the greatest days we had there last summer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Once Wed

I have never been the marrying type. In fact, I have no desire to ever get married. And this isn’t some busy, working girl mantra of mine-I’ve just never been too interested in the whole idea.

When my adorable and loving sister announced that she was getting married, I was overjoyed. I’m now the Maid of Honor as well as the veil designer, and am actually heading to her homestead in North Carolina this weekend to throw her bridal shower. Not too long after my sister’s announcement, Randi’s brother decided to play copycat and announced his engagement.

So what are two sassy singles supposed to do? Obsess over wedding blogs, that’s what. Here’s one of our favorites and by favorites, I mean obsessions. And by obsession, I mean omg-I-want-to-work-there-and-stare-at-the-photos-all-day-and-freak-out-and-pretend-I’m-one-of-the-brides-without-actually-getting-married.

Ladies and gents, meet Once Wed.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

We've Lost Control

During my three-day, near-death experience with a viral infection last week I watched a lot of stuff on my laptop. I saw Glee twice and loved it, caught up on Parks and Recreation (which I also love, more than I once thought) and silenced Feifei's ( begging by finally moving the Joy Division flick, Control, to the top of my Netflix queue.

If you haven't seen Control, it follows the story of Joy Division's front man Ian Curtis. You follow Curtis from his high school days spent daydreaming class away, and his afternoons lip-syncing David Bowie in his room (so dreamy, right?) into the explosion of Joy Division. Control, and likewise Joy Division, ends with Curtis's all-too-soon suicide at the age of 23. The scene itself is appropriately set to Joy Division's Atmosphere.

Aside from featuring the incredibly cute and delightfully British Sam Riley, Control is filmed beautifully in black and white and turned me into an even greater Joy Division fan than I already was. His almost anti-fashion wardrobe, consisting of trench coats, oversized trousers, and button-ups made me fall even harder, not to mention his signature dance during his performance of "She's Lost Control" and those incredible guitar riffs that made me almost lose control (!).

Without further adieu, The Katie Girls present their personal Joy Division soundtrack.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prada's Return to Pretty

Almost every one of my favorite designers has the ability to completely polarize me from my own feelings season to season, which is actually quite strange if you think about it. Like I mentioned in our review of Marc Jacobs' fall ode to the oversized, lopsided and colorful, "he makes me want to literally bleed for him one season and the next is like, 'why do i put all my faith in you!"

The latest example of my skitso appreciation is Prada's transition from fall's austere yuckness to resort's straightforwardly pretty collection. I love everything about this collection, from the classic Miuccia mix n' match to the undie-shorts to the flowery shoes. For some reason the whole thing reminds me of something Maggie Smith's students would wear in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on a weekend picnic.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Original Babe

While clicking through LIFE's recently unearthed photo outtakes of a pre-mega-fame Marilyn Monroe, I was reminded of how much I used to idolize and love dear Norma Jean. Long before my discovery of more, let's say, subversive fashion icons, Marilyn was it. I was obsessed with her platinum bob, her curves, her perfect pout.

I used to make my mom photocopy black and whites out of library books and save them in my drawers. I postered my walls with her face, an old friend even painted me a Marilyn chair! Also, she fit pretty perfectly into my burgeoning love for Andy Warhol. I found some Marilyn wrapping paper, which was quickly adhered to my closet doors. A few months ago my little cousin came strolling in and remarked "You're really obsessed with that blond woman, aren't you" and I was kinda like, oh yeah! I was!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that regardless of what tangent I may be on, Marilyn will always hold a special place in my heart...these pictures are just another example of why...

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