Friday, February 27, 2009

Calling London Class '09

Don't you just feel like London sometimes? Despite the fact that your hair is still mussed from last night, you are still able to outshine everyone else, but still never really given the credit you deserve?

I have always found it bizarre that London has aquired the reputation of an after-thought; the breather inbetween New York and Milan. Having been forsaken by most of its former rockstars (McQueen, Bailey, McCartney and most recently Pugh) London is churning out the BYTs big time these days...only to be ditched next season when those kids move onto bigger and better.

As if so many past examples weren't enough- this week's wham bam showing was enough to put me over the edge. Here's just some of the proof...

(clockwise from top left, oh yeah... we stole these from too) Luella, Christopher Kane, Mark Fast, Giles, Josh Goot, Peter Jensen, House of Holland, Peter Pilotto, Marios Schwab, David Koma at Central St. Martins, Laura Mackness at Central St. Martins, Erdem, Louise Goldin)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Showtime With...Ferraby Lionheart

While most people enjoy a concert every now and then, we’re huge advocates of live music and performances. In fact, these Katie Girls are usually up for a concert even if we don’t know the performer. We just love us a good show.

Which is why we’ll be spilling the digital beans about any shows we attend in It's Showtime. We are just that obsessed — or should we say passionate — about live music.

Granted, for this show I totally judged the book by its cover: if you know anything about my crushing style, you would know that Ferraby Lionheart is it. A first glance on BrooklynVegan, followed by a couple of downloads later, and I was hooked and on my way to see him play in one of his many February shows at Pianos.

And really, the cover of this book didn’t upset. On top of being cute and having perfectly worn-in, slightly too-small clothing, Ferraby has real talent. His voice is excellent, as is his skill with the piano and the harmonica. And seriously — who doesn’t love some good, honest harmonica?

The hour-ish set left me uplifted and a little girlishly giddy about Sir Lionheart, who I would absolutely recommend even without the pleasing cover.

For a bit more on my new babe, check him out at:

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Le Lim: Our Take

I first fell in love with Phillip Lim because of his menswear. For whatever reason (lack of contact with straight men?) I really like men's clothing and found Lim’s structured yet comfortable simplicity to be refreshing. Lucky for me — or not, considering the current state of my wallet — Lim’s delicious design methods translate perfectly into clothes that are made for women to wear. Good ol’ Phillip’s view for Fall ’09 coincides with the predictions of many of the other designers but with a bit of Jolly England, a bit more ‘60s, and a bit more Lim.

Robin's Pick(s)

Between these two looks, I honestly couldn’t decide. My first love was the incredibly functional and adorable wool short suit on the left. I love the double-breasted top, the fact that it’s a top and not a coat, and the geometrical aspects. The shorts are genius — sexy but totally comfortable.

The look on the right took hold of me during my second review of Le Lim and wouldn’t let go. This slinky, girly dress becomes hardened by the jagged and jazzy hem. The teddy bear-inspired wool coat is the perfect contrast to the light, flapper-ized dress and adds some fall-worthy warmth.

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Reading Rainbow: Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris

We like to think of Reading Rainbow as our little reading corner with all different types of books. Some new, some old, some for the coffee table and some for the bed side table.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship (probably) or had a crush on someone (definitely), you know the effects that lust can have on mundane events or even objects. Suddenly the same old, same old becomes new and meaningful.

Cutie McCute – and total Katie Girl – Leanne Shapton chronicles a relationship and the items that mean the most in her new book, Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry. Not only is this book totally original but it’s also freaking cute. But the best part? None of it is true.

The book revolves around the idea of a fictional couple’s breakup. A fictional catalogue for a fictional auction house displays fictional mementos from the couple’s fictional relationship. As you read about each of these lost items now up for sale, you learn the story of these two individual people and the relationship they had together through their material mementos.

So, to recap: fake breakup + fake auction of fake relationship mementos = new book to lust over

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Proenza Schouler: Our Take

When one of your favourites presents another zinger collection following their last zinger collection, it's like 'thanks man, that was exactly what I needed.' Jack and Lazaro have a way of making that happen more often than not and this collection was no different. This time around, the boys translated their signature downtown chic into a collection of uncomplicated and highly wearable clothes that seemed to be free of inspirational liberties.

Randi's Pick

We all know that the boys have a thing for manipulating silk, but they seemed to have changed course from their typical tailoring in this completely organic looking dress. The juxtaposing of the geometric amethyst shapes against the nude chiffon makes Raquel look much like a goddess of modern proportions and to be honest, it just slays me.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WWOD: Round One

Like us, you're probably a big fan of President Obama. Unlike us, you probably don't obsess over his smile, his clothes or even his thoughts.

But in reality, there's a lot we could all learn from this man. No matter what he came across on the campaign trail, and no matter what he's already dealt with in the early days of his historical presidency, the man has kept almost unnaturally calm. (There have been countless articles and even parodies already about the way he handles himself.) We will be addressing the man and his manner in a section we like to call What Would Obama Do, because when we get stuck with a problem, instead of solving it ourselves, we're really wondering, WWOD?

Issue No. 1: Talking About Yourself

Over the past few months Robin began working on a series of projects, namely this blog and a line of hair accessories (more to be revealed in posts to come). She failed to mention them to most of her friends because it made her uncomfortable. She's aware that her friends are interested in what's going on in her life, but she gets out-of-control shy and doesn't like to talk about herself.

So what did Robin do? She didn't tell half of her friends about the projects. Then they were confused about why they didn't know about said projects, and she had to explain, "No, no, no — it really isn't you, it's me. I get weird and shy and uncomfortable and sometimes hate drawing attention to myself. You know?"

But sometimes they didn't know.

Which brings us to our point: what would Obama do? Since he's a lefty, and lefties tend to be more cautious and inhibited, we think he would be somewhat hesitant about talking about himself, but then again - he had to make it to the top somehow, right? Maybe he's not shy, but rather just hesitant to gloat. We think he would casually bring his acheivement up in a conversation (perhaps over dinner?), and everything would be ok and right and normal in the world.

That's just the kind of guy he is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talent Scout: Veronica So

Talent Scout is a section we are really passionate about. Our friends are really cool. Naturally, they are capable of some really cool shit. They know it, we know it, now you know it too!

We met Veronica So much the same way we met each other: through Andy Warhol's golden gate of social life for the struggling intern in New York: Interview Magazine. A native to California, and currently a Fashion Communication major at Central St. Martins in London, Veronica sports a real cute bob and wears lots of black.

Veronica is perhaps most famously known to the two of us by having been injured when Andy's (or at least we like to think it was his...) large marble table collapsed on her lap. Also, she threw the raddest birthday party in history by renting out room 822 in the Chelsea Hotel (a room once graced by Madonna and Nico no less!) and then proceeded to throw her unwanted clothes on the floor for us to scavenge through.

Lately, Veronica is into vampires. This is what she has to say about some pictures she shot this weekend:

"The shoot was great! It was kind of funny like, oh look at Pun as a vampire chasing Heidi around the studio haha! It was really fun. They are both huge Twilight aka Edward Cullen fans..."


Veronica's got a lot more where that came from, so check her out at:

Marc Jacobs: Live Blogging-ish

We've been waiting with baited breath for Marc Monday...the biggest kahuna in a week of kahunas. But what we didn't know was that we'd have so many mixed emotions about what went down the runway. The best evalutation we could hope to offer is what's pasted below...our entire recap on gchat! Enjoy!
robin: marc is up on wwd!
randi: oooooh! im checkinnnnnng!
robin: nervous!
randi: its soooo....marc by marc?
robin: haha i know like, it is...i love the sweater in 6 and like 11
randi: i love the big shoulders but just looks sooo marc by marc!
robin: it's like marc by marc's mom
randi: haha marc by...deb!
robin: maybe more impressive in person---it got a great review
randi: doesnt he always? the only time he got a bad review was when he made them wait 3 hours!
robin: idk doesnt even feel that much like a collection
randi: ya exactly. i like it...just no whaaam bam
robin: love the look of 27. i do like the presentation though--the diff hair, makeup, general looks, etc and i like the piinnnkkkkkk!
randi: yes totes...i was thinking 27 too. 35 too. this collection is like 80's, michael kors, 60's, marc by marc, balenciaga, big hair!
robin: hahaha
randi: its very all over the place but "thaaaats marc"
robin: i feel like it could grow on me---love the looks, the hair, the pink is fab but in general
randi: ya it always does...we're total suckers
robin: yeah---but almost too all over the place
randi: i dont love the pink actually...its a very teeny bopper in a bad way
robin: like its missing the tiny string that usualy holds it together
randi: ya totes
robin: me likely le pink
randi: but thats whats so great about marc...he makes me want to literally bleed for him one season and the next is like, 'why do i put all my faith in you!' hes like a goddamn cheating boyfriend
robin: in some places it starts to go somewhere but then changes and then you get lost...he's totes a cheating boyfriend. he's too busy laying in bed with that dog and getting more tats: "live blogging: marc jacobs"
randi: HAHAH! no i totes agree - thats how i felt last fall too, i was like stop going to the gym and fucking make shit!
robin: haha no shit
randi: hey we should copy ad paste this into the blog!

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Manic McQ

I realized just how big of a deal the McQ for Target store at 330 West Street was after running into three people with shopping bags — all within blocks from my apartment and just hours after the pop-up shop’s opening. After hearing horror stories from these first shoppers, I was convinced that this year’s version of the well-spaced Bullseye Bodegas would be a tiny, cramped, madhouse.
Leave it to Target to leave me impressed.
The garage-style entrance was painted with that familiar red target we all know and love. Inside, the space was huge, dark, punky, and seemed to be pre-concert due to an empty drumset on an empty stage. (Surprise performance by The Duke Spirit, anyone?)

Graffiti and block lettering covered the walls, which went well with the oversized chains that helped me to remember that, oh yeah — this was an actual West Side warehouse. The only thing that really felt Target-y, logos aside, were the terrible plastic hangers that let everyone know your size when you reach for it.
I left with a purple mesh dress with zipper detailing on the shoulders, and a black jumpsuit that I couldn’t be bothered with trying on, though some of the other shoppers were spotted changing in the middle of the room, sample sale style.

For those of you who missed it, you’ll have to wait another month before the line is available in Target stores. Next time, believe the hype and go early.

After all, why shop like a commoner when you could party like a rock star?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alex Wang: Our Take

Little Wing Wang, as we like to call him, has done it again. Every season, we hold our breath thinking 'don't believe the hype! don't believe the hype!'...and within five turns of the designer's signature sexy rock 'n roll, the hype envelopes us and we can't help but be outright emotional about his unbelievably cool clothes. This time around, Wang mixed it up with some serious bandage leggings (love love love) and a tailored, lapel-less blazer than felt oh-so-fresh.

Randi's Pick

The Grace Jones undertone of this collection made me absolutely wild and this number in particular really drove that reference home. From the Alaia-esque boob-cups to the glittery head wrap, I totally felt like a a slave to the body-con rhythm.

Robin's Pick

This look really did it for me — sexy, but not too obviously so, and would be great in a variety of lengths (hello evening gown/beach cover up/Friday night). Granted this may not be the most flattering piece for most body types, but there's definitely something about the silly string-esque drape-age that totally works. Also, love the interesting layering with the sexy black basic underneath that had me wondering just how low a tank could go.

ps. we borrowed these pictures from

Rag & Bone: Our Take

Can we talk R & B for a second? Not in the Boyz II Men, romantic way that we're all so used to, but Rag & Bone. No doubt the duo of Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have proved themselves since their womenswear debut in Fall 2005, but there's just something about the line that I've never found as amazing as everyone else seems to. The collection was wearable, which is something of total importance to me, and also nicely layered. The pops of red against the black, navy, and grey palette kept things fresh and the pleated shorts in look six made my heart swell on this special day of love. But Thom? Anna? Lily, Stam, Freja, etc. etc. etc?

Robin's Kick

If you didn't know this was Rag & Bone, could you honestly look at this picture — the unflattering pleated skirt over jeans/leggings, the jacket that you could almost imagine (minus the tails) sitting in Macy's this very minute — and imagine Anna supporting this? Disagree all you want. Maybe I'm totally missing out on something, but I'm just a bit...confused. I love the guys (and the fact that they're straight) and I love (most of) the clothes, but the overblown hype is something I could do without.

ps. we borrowed this picture from

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special Delivery

Today, I received this in the mail:
The pillow is mine, the goose is a new addition. Cute, right? And so nice of someone to send me a goose! And on Valentine's Day!

But the thing is, this isn't a normal goose — it's an international goose who was sent directly to me from South Africa. And the other thing is, I don't have a clue who it's from.

I checked for drugs in said goose, thinking this might be some sort of weird Brokedown Palace thing, but no drugs. Or maybe it's a reference to Sully and the miracle on the Hudson.

Either way, I have a new goose friend. Thank you, anonymous donor in South Africa, for sending it to me.

Rachel Comey: Our Take

Hopefully gushing about the designer won't turn into a trend, but I can't really help myself from saying nice things about Rachel Comey's person as well as her clothes because I think they are inextricably linked. I had the pleasure of working for Rachel last year and she's always struck me as a 'fly by the seat of your pants' type of gal. Her intentional haphazardness has always been a hit and this season is no different.

Randi's Pick

Rachel told me that she was working on incorporating humour into this collection and I think that really comes through in this number. The overall mix n' match look is fairly pulled together but look a bit closer and mini monkeys are swinging around the jacket!

...and just for a bit of shameless self promotion, check out a recent feature I just wrote on Miss. Comey for Cheek Magazine at the link below!

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Maison Martin Margiela: Artisanal Spring '09

The inimitable Martin Margiela has once again turned proverbial lemons into one of the most fascinating and beautiful collections to date. For his Artisanal line, which he presented late last month in Paris, the Belgian conseptualist transformed shoe-laces, paper towel and hair combs into masterpieces that haven't seemed to escape my gaze since. Accordingly, the collection was translated into video by the mirror-vision obsessed French artist, Pierre Debusschere...

To see the video, visit






Friday, February 13, 2009

Catherine Holstein: Our Take

We've been fans of Catherine Holstein for quite some time now, and it's really no wonder why. Aside from the fact that she's a sweet and funny chick (total Katie Girl), she always does a nice job of keeping her clothing and presentations simple while still getting her vision across. Her Fall '09 presentation was no different. This time around, Cate blended a bit of grunge (note the uber dark lipstick) with a bit of lady. The result? ....

Robin's Pick

The tailoring in this seemingly simple navy/purple skirt totally had me at hello. I'm also a sucker for well-constructed basics, and this one comes complete with a dolman sleeve and cutie mcgoo buttons. And to top it all off, the purple wide-brimmed hat gives it that simple slash crazy look that we all strive for.

Randi's Pick

I love the bandage/tailor mix in this one. It's sexy on top and serious (but not too serious) on the bottom. Cate is really clever about mixing a bit of trend into her overall aesthetic. This number is case in point.
ps. we borrowed these pictures from

Our Take

Happy fashion week, Katie Girls! Like any fashion-minded gal, we'd love to wax poetic about every single show, model, outfit to grace the runway for the next month. Rather than bore you, however, we've decided to share our take. For the next month...we're going to share only our favourite outfits from our favourite shows...Accordingly, Cate Holstein is up first!

Art Attack: Grey Vision

Incidentally, this weekend was our first reunion in three months! Robin, along our other great friends Sam and Lauren, trekked across the border to visit my hometown digs in Toronto. What they found, however, was that my childhood bedroom was the most inticing landmark of all.

Sam, who's father was once a photojournalist for the Times and Newsweek, used this weekend to experiment with black and white photography.

I daresay the results don't look like those of a first-timer...












This is a Tale of Cross Border Love...

The two R’s – known to some as Randi and Robin – met while interning at Interview Magazine. After a quick bonding session over their shared love for art history and Woody Allen flicks, the two spent all too much time looking for a Taco Bell that would deliver, and realized that their meeting was fate! The two R’s became the two Katie Girls when Randi temporarily relocated to Toronto and they needed to streamline their endless Face-stalking, YouTube-ing, and cultural findings into a creative forum.