Monday, December 7, 2009

Swift Idolatry

If this 24 year old has been hesitant to raise her teen freak flag until now, let it be known: I’m a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. Not so much in the sense that I know the words to more than even one of her songs, but in the sense that worshipping her (and anyone else who has a face for ABC Family) excites me like nothing else. It reminds me of temp-tattoos, Chupa Chups and crank calling 1-800-COVERGIRL.

But before I wax on about my days as an obsessed Backstreet Boys fan, let’s get back to Tay Tay and her amazing looking spread in the just-released T Magazine. If Sharon Tate circa Valley of the Dolls and Sue Lyon circa Lolita had a baby who inspired Prada’s Spring collection… it’d be Taylor don’t you think? Don’t you loooooove her in clunk shoes? And the bouffant? I die!

1 comment:

  1. I really tried to be all cynical and get a good hate-on for Taylor Swift but I found it quite impossible. Damn her perfect skin and sweet disposition!