Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Divine Design of Tatty Devine!

I discovered the utterly divine design of London-based jewellery label, Tatty Devine, way back when I was interning at Teen Vogue. Brit wonder-stylist, Beth Fenton, was a major fan of theirs and was constantly bringing their tongue n’ cheek pieces into the office for shoots. Known for making anything from lollipops to 3D glasses to Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage into earrings, necklaces and whatever else they feel like, designers, Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, never cease to proverbially turn water into wine (wearable wine, that is).

Just one example of their 10-year old career of amazingness, check out the photos below, of their recent Aztecy, totally rad jewellery collaboration with audio visual artist, Crazy Girl. (Those are the amazing images below). They've even done a collab with Gilbert & George! Like, major!

Since the ladies of Tatty Devine are so quintessentially London to me (you know, bright colours and witticisms and all), I quizzed them on their fave British designers of the moment. As you'd expect, their picks are every bit as fun and risk taking as their own designs:

Mary Katrantzou: We love the perfume bottle collection, the illustration is breathtaking and we love things out of scale so her blown up prints totally rule.

Peter Jensen: Peter's slightly twisted take on the world just get so perfectly transplanted into the garments he makes. His humor and nostalgia make his work so special.

Ashish: We made some catwalk pieces for Ashish, it was great to be part of one of his shows. We love his adoration of sequins and excessiveness.

Vivienne Westwood: Vivienne is the queen. We love what she stands for as much as her clothes.

Holly Fulton: I love the graphic style and bold symmetrical prints in Holly's collection. She breaths real life into familiar iconography.


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  4. Oh man I LOVE Tatty Devine. Have been doing some research on them so coming to you was useful - thanks! Really cool to know that their fave Brish designers are mine too!
    Love you benner too, very pretty :)