Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you miss me? Slash... Listen to This Now!

So guys. Guess what.

1. The reason I have been the world's worst blogger this summer is because my laptop has become utterly unusable, and well, there's only so much bloggy I can sneak in at work. Good news is though, that I am picking up my brand new Macbook Pro (yeah you heard, I'm a pro... no big deal) tonight - so expect some major posting in the next little while. Hurrah!

2. My ridiculously talented friend Veronica So, whom you might remember from Talent Scout when I talked about her general amazingness or Talent Scout Pt 2, when I talked about her amazing start up magazine, L_A_N has accomplished yet another feat. Her band TEETH!!! just released their first real single! Like something you can actually buy! On iTunes! So... well, buy it! Check them out below... they've opened for Sleighbells and are kind of a big deal in London. Plus apparently Karl listens to them. Plus they hacked into Lady Gaga's Twitter account. Plus they're amazing, ok?

TEETH 'CONFUSION ' LIVE ON THE KNOCKING SHOP from the knocking shop on Vimeo.