Monday, August 31, 2009

Lauren Tamaki is the Shizzz!

You might have noticed the drop-dead, ridiculously amazing new addition to this blog that is the sketch above and if you haven't...take a look, dammit! The Katie Girls have a new look and it's all due to the amazingly talented Lauren Tamaki, who not only made me look really pretty, but captured the essence of The Katie Girls to the tee! I don't really know how to thank her for her contribution, but telling you the story of how I kind of used to hate her seems like a good start!

I used to hate Lauren Tamaki sooo much. Ok, maybe hate is the wrong word, but be-green-with-envy-of seems somehow less dramatic. She'd waltz into class with her perfectly coiffed pixie cut, whip out her watercolours and within five minutes she'd have completed a masterpiece. Like, eff that, right?

But it's a good thing I stopped being so jealous and just learned to appreciate the genius that is Lauren and her drawings. Each more creative and interesting than the next, her sketches range from whimsical line drawings to her more recent three dimensional sewing-class drawings and portraits (she just did one of Steve Buscemi...totally a candidate for Babe of the Biweekly). Anyways....check her out and make sure to keep an eye. This one's gonna go real far, real soon.


  1. This stuff is really incredible, I'm quite impressed. And the illustraish of you is adoooorable..