Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Drake General Store #3

Hey Torontonians! Did you know that that The Drake, otherwise known as the coolest hotel in town, has a store? In fact - they've got three! The Drake General Store #3 opened today at 82a Bathurst St (just south of King St) and let me just say that it's one of the cutest places I've ever been! Carrying a mish-mash of literally everything from mini-music boxes that twirl to the tune of Moon River, to granny-printed dishes that disapprove from below your food, to their in-house t-shirt line Shared, magic-themed for Spring! They've also got quirky decor on lock - they even have a heart-designed fortune telling machine! (For your info, it told me to stop getting fat, which I thought was pretty good advice...)

The youngest Drake General Store is the kind of place that makes it hard to buy every single thing you pass by, lucky for me - they didn't have their register set up for their little preview day. (My wallet thanks you, Drakers) I will totally be a financial mess next stop by because as you can see in the pics below there are about 5,000 amazing things to buy... top of my list? A lucky necklace with a pendant made of a strung together horseshoe, horse bridle and open palm.