Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Feet Need: Red Door Spa

With all of my freakishly involved story-telling about my various freakish obsessions - be them fashion, fashion history, wearing fashionable things and so on - I've never really filled you in on my obsession with my body. Not in the anno way of course (at least not usually) but more like in a hardcore workoutish type of way as well as a pretty intense fascination with my actual innerworkings.

I've been working pretty hard at the gym lately so when I heard about Red Door, the Thursday-Saturday (between the hours of 7PM -11PM to be exact) foot-massage-only offshoot of Che Bella Spa, I was damn excited to pamper my peepers! Once in the relaxing homey space - my lovely massage-therapist Amanda not only took to my over-exercised legs with expert care, but she also kept telling me all this crazy shit about my feet! "Are you feeling pain in your neck? Your toes are out of whack... Are you feeling pain in your lower back? Your feet are really dry..." Like, actually? Tell me more! Like really though... did you know any of that? To any of y'all who wear heels like they're going out of style - a trip like mine is damn necessary this summer. Do it! Your feet will thank you! (Did I actually just say that... ?)


  1. my feet resemble fred flinestone's and swell up at night
    let's go one day this summer

  2. Hi there,

    Currently has an awesome deal on right now - $25 for a $62 Foot Massage, Treatment, and Hot water Towelling.

    A MUST GO!!