Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Got Cardi?

There are some things that you want and there are some things that you need. As most of us fashion-inclined gals would know best, those two variables rarely meet. Well, lookey here! Meet Cardigan, the lovelier than lovely Brooklyn-based line of cozy knit umm… cardigans, designed by former Michael Kors and Derek Lam knitwear designer, Lynne Hiriak! Totes practical, riiiiiiight? As you might as well guess from the aesthetics of the aforementioned designers as well as the cool beach vid above, Lynne’s style is all about classic Americana: clean and simple with an element of luxe.

In case I’ve whet your appetite that you need to have one of Lynne’s creations like RIGHT NOW, head on over to the brand spanking new Cardigan online store and shop away! Feel free to stare at the male model while you’re there. I sure did (I swear he is a dead ringer for a boy I used to umm… know)

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