Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lanvin's Going Bag Lady Chic for Pre-Fall 2010

I feel like such a ninny opinionizing Pre-Fall this late in the game, but I’m just going to come out there with one point before I get on with it. Can we for just a sec all agree that the in between collections are like 4000 times better than the big kahunas of Fall and Spring? Balenciaga! Givenchy! Each collection was more perfect than the next! Agreed?

Anyways though, what I really wanted to talk about is how awesome Lanvin’s bag-lady extravaganza was. While some still cleave to minimalist simplicity, I always prefer a collection that embraces an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ type of haphazard layering (lets not forget my undying love for Edie Beale either...) I can certainly see myself in Elbaz’s animal print-tastic overdone outfits and the fact that he is said to have been inspired by the ‘leopard lady’, a Parisian woman who is never seen without her leopard coat, even during 90 degree temps, tickles my particular fancy!

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  1. KAWAII!!!