Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As any of my Facebook Friends or Twitter Tweeps would know, I recently found love... on the Jersey Shore. If there is some earthly reason why you don’t understand what I mean, here’s a little peek!

Since the show’s premiere just short of a month ago, the show has become too big a part of my consciousness for me to ignore it on le blog. So, starting next week (sorry… in LA this weekend)… I’ll be presenting my weekly (hopefully) Jersey Shore Recap.

For a bit of credibility, I’ll be raising my Jersey Shore points to a real-life Jerseyan, my fabulous friend J Lorenzo, who while being Cuban and not Italian, sports a Snookiesque coloured tan and loves to drink in hot tubs sans underwear. But wait, here’s where the main shred of credibility reigns, his sister used to date Vinny (aka. the college grad who is ‘not a Guido but likes to fist pump like the rest of them’)!

Stay tuned Guidettes!


  1. This show is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Can't wait for your recaps!

    and dish on the Vinnie sitch!! xx

  2. I keep hearing about this show! It hasn't aired in the uk yet but it does look impressive