Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talent Scout: Jamie Campbell

I don't really obsess over celebrities, I obsess over cool and/or talented people I know - to the point where I probably come off as mildly creepy. Jamie Campbell would definitely be one of those people.

When I first happened upon his quirky website of photography and musings (
during one of my undergrad slacking sessions, I was like...this guy actually goes to my school? After an initial gushing email, I began stalking Jamie in person (of course, I'd be referring to cute stalking, not actual stalking) and eventually convinced him to photograph a few fashion shoots I was working on. Even though fashion wasn't Jamie's usual bag, his photos were spectacularly oddball, beautiful and way beyond my expectactions.

"Jamie works with the themes of insecurity, burden, vulnerability and desperation, but does it with self-deprecation and humour andprofound honesty, leaving you unsure of whether you want to hit him or hug him" - Anthony Pereira

Here are a few photos from Mr. Campbell's newest series, untitled, 2008-2009.

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