Monday, June 22, 2009

Teeny House Bunny all grown up!

There's somethin' real special in Teen Vogue's August issue. It's real poufy, real pretty and sittin atop Emma Watson's head! It's a friggin Teeny House Bunny hairpiece!!!!! (Which in case you didn't know is the work of our very own Robin along with her fellow bunnies, Alex and Dyana) Are you freaking out? Because we're freaking out. Not this Katie Girl had even the tiniest of doubts in her co-conspirator, but so soon? And so perfectly placed in such a stunning shoot? I feel just like a mother waving goodbye to her college-bound children! Bravo girls, Bravo!


  1. yay!! couldn't have said it better myself, and i wouldn't have anyways because i would have been too shy.

    also, note the baby ponies. BABY PONIES.

  2. That's so sweet! You really have a way with words.