Saturday, June 27, 2009


Since hearing the news of dear Mikey's passing yesterday, I've been somewhere between holding back tears and thinking 'why do I care'? I'm always super weirded out by the fact that a celebrity death should affect a fan so much, but in the case of Michael's just impossible not to care.

Aside from all thats been said in the past day, that he revolutionized music, that he was the king, that his music will live on forever, it's really just that memories of him and his music are so ingrained in that warm early-childhood corner of my heart. All I keep thinking of is my 10 year old bewilderment of his crotch grab, of my constant imitation of the 'whoooo!', of the electrifying barely-touching-the-stage silky struts! Never again? To say Mikey's going to be sorely missed in an understatement.

News of his death is also particularly unbelievable considering, how for lack of better phrase, hot he was this season. What with his recent Balmain purchases (and obvious inspiration on Decarnin) and the thrilling auction of his belongings that never actually happened. Double tradge! I spent a few hours poring over the catalogues and literally just...astounding. Above are a few of the most amazing pieces that would have been for sale....

To see the rest, visit:

Obviously I couldn't stay away from on this baby, so without further are some of my favourite of the King of Pop's songs...

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  1. This is probably one of my favourite MJ's (and JJ) songs. Thank you for posting it. I should download it.