Monday, February 22, 2010

The Faves of New York Continued...

Day Five: Marc Jacobs

For the first season in like a bil, I didn't have a complete faclempt-attack or mental breakdown on Marc Monday. Fall was easy on the eyes and easy on wearability (or at least dreaming of wearability) - just the way I like it once in a very long time.

See what I thought about the hyper-innocent makeup:

Day Six: Rodarte

Jesus, this was a great collection... actually it was my fave of the week. I love that the Mulleavys were back in the romantic realm of their first few collections and I also loved the Texan Spanish Mexican narrative.

I make a little more sense here:

Day Seven: Proenza Schouler

What the hell is it about a Proenza show that makes everything look hyper-familiar and just like you've never seen it at the same time. There were definitely shreds of it-girls like Alice, Chloe, and hell, even Lauren SD, but then there were those holy shit aspects like fun fur on varsity jackets and jagged swirl printed baby-doll meets sexpot dresses that made you do a quadruple take.

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    ooo yesss i loved rodarte and proenza schouler's collections!!! definitely a couple of my favorites for nyfw.