Monday, March 1, 2010

Babe of the Biweekly? Vincent Gallo

Not to distract from my reaaaally up to date Fashion Week(s) commentary but Robin was talking about Buffalo 66 yesterday, which totally brought back my long time feelings of love and hate towards the actor/part-time singer/pseudo-artist/filmmaker/sperm-seller/narcissist, Vincent Gallo.

Aesthetically, the man is just what I like: part Pre-Raphaelite, part reformed criminal. Artistically, the man utterly captivates on screen (even when he tells Chloe to suck it in no uncertain terms) and in tune (haven't heard When? buy it!) It's really his larger than life douchebag persona that gets me going (in more ways than one!)...

Aside from hustling his own services on his website (while politely refusing to sleep with women of color and specifying that he'd like to impregnate Jewish women - oh wait, that's me!) and constantly working his own penis into any script he writes... it's what I like to think of as trying to 'pull the wool' that peeves me the most. I had the lucky chance to interview Vinny a few times last year over Fashion Week in New York and he had quite a few pearls to share about New Yorkers who discuss variations of the color white, Rodarte not being stuck in the mental world and fashion shows not being confused with portraits. (I would quote him directly but I'm scared he'll find out and attack!... he has been known to do such things)... I was lucky I was able to hold my tongue and not give him a piece of my mind slash tell him to call me!

So what do you guys? Should Vinny suck it? Or would... well, would you...?


  1. The man irritates me. My high school was full of such characters. I think I've had enough of this personality type for one lifetime.