Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art Attack: I Pilfer Because I Love...

There I was, in February of 2009, ('Picture it... Sicily') so confident that I'd never simply re-post the work of others. Here I am, in April of 2010, pilfering the crazy amazing artwork of my friends. My excuse? Can't help it I spose... I, dear readers, am an creativity clepto. While at the height of my stealing spree... here are some of the coolest works I've rounded up...

Amazing fashion collages from my new online friend, Mon Agenda de Mode.
Like DIY + Dada all at the same time! Bravo!

My friend (and header illustrator!!!) Lauren Tamaki made this Movie Map for an assignment. She mapped out all of the movies she'd ever watched - graphed their emotional effect - and made it look amaze all at the same time! Sheesh!

Tis all, folks! Stolen. Posted. Done.


  1. I was wondering who your header was by. I have to say it's definitely my favourite blog header even better than The Selby!

  2. thanks Glowing Doll! Lauren is super talented and that's amazing that you like it so much! <3!