Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sam here, and I've got something to share: today I had to repeatedly tell myself not to stare awkwardly as I was debating whether or not the girl in front of me, with golden locks and thick-black-rimmed circular glasses, was the artist, Aurel Schmidt. After waiting for the L-Train for a good ten minutes I came to the conclusion it was. Schmidt is one of my favorite artists, and therefore obviously is Canadian. She is 27 year old and back two years ago or so was written up in Interview in a piece about up and coming young New York artists. Flash to 2010 and Schmidt is currently showing at the Whitney Biennial, which will be up till May 30th. She is best known for psychedelic yet delicate illustrations of cigarette buds, condoms and surreal monster-like faces. In addition to all of this awesomeness, she just came out with a t-shirt line for Opening Ceremony with her illustrations and was on the cover of the November issue of Tokion with a giant banana covering her boobs (She's done some quirky banana smiley face drawings, hence the banana).
All in all Schmidt is adorable and I am still slightly overly excited that I saw her on the train- intermittently gazing up from the Vice: fashion issue I stole today.

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