Sunday, October 18, 2009

Talent Scout: Veronica So Pt. 2

I blabbed about the lovely Veronica So back in February, and now I'm going to blab again, okay? Once my co-intern at Interview Magazine, the now freshly-minted graduate of Central Saint Martins is crazily ambitious enough to have published her own magazine. And not just for school... for realsies! L_A_N Magazine is an oddball mix of fashion, technology and art. Think geeking out with your friends and then distilling it into a genius bespoke artbook... yeah that's basically it. As if you can't tell from the vibrant, bizarre and chock-full spreads below, L_A_N may as well have some of the best printed pages we've seen in a while!

As Veronica puts it, 'the magazine explores the way technology and futurism informs design and fashion and vice versa'... (did she say futurism? I'm down!) Among other things, the first issue features the likes of Thierry Mugler, Hussein Chalayan and the cyber-punk artists Aids-3d.

Oh and she's looking for like minded fashion geeks! If you feel passionately about Chewbacca and would like to contribute to L_A_N, email her at!


  1. hello. amazing. this is grandiose. thanks for commenting on burlesque Brighton! Ive always wanted to visit Coney Island after hearing the song Strange Powers by Magnetic Fields! x

  2. also, I so want to contribute to this magazine. looks like shes on to something

  3. Wow. Very cool. This mag is going to be good!

  4. oh awesome! this mag is gonna be neat yoz!
    this go'n be too cool fo school!
    woahhhh(sorry i feel gangsta all of a sudden, just those random urges like climbing something and hitting something,yeah...not cool andie)

  5. This magazine is going to be fantastic - it is definitely something new and completely visionary. It's always inspiring to see something completely unique surface! Just lovely. Your blog is fantastic =)

  6. Hey everyone,
    L_A_N is now for sale at

    xx Veronica