Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talent Scout: Veronica So

Talent Scout is a section we are really passionate about. Our friends are really cool. Naturally, they are capable of some really cool shit. They know it, we know it, now you know it too!

We met Veronica So much the same way we met each other: through Andy Warhol's golden gate of social life for the struggling intern in New York: Interview Magazine. A native to California, and currently a Fashion Communication major at Central St. Martins in London, Veronica sports a real cute bob and wears lots of black.

Veronica is perhaps most famously known to the two of us by having been injured when Andy's (or at least we like to think it was his...) large marble table collapsed on her lap. Also, she threw the raddest birthday party in history by renting out room 822 in the Chelsea Hotel (a room once graced by Madonna and Nico no less!) and then proceeded to throw her unwanted clothes on the floor for us to scavenge through.

Lately, Veronica is into vampires. This is what she has to say about some pictures she shot this weekend:

"The shoot was great! It was kind of funny like, oh look at Pun as a vampire chasing Heidi around the studio haha! It was really fun. They are both huge Twilight aka Edward Cullen fans..."


Veronica's got a lot more where that came from, so check her out at:


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