Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week One and a Half

Fashion Week in Toronto is one helluva disjointed thing this season, with designers showing over the course of three weeks and 'official' (read: shitty for the most part) LG Fashion Week happening over a few days next week. Here are a few things to write home about so far:

Philip Sparks kicked it all off with a brilliant Moby Dick themed presentation. Brawned-up babes posed alongside an indoor loading dock-like structure of wooden carts, ladders and rope in everything from navy double breasted peacoats to simple sweaters. I'm assuming models weren't supposed to look at you... so obviously that was my mission of the night. That, and sipping on pink gin with berries.

Nada Shepherd launched her Fall collection Avatar style last Tuesday with fashion's first 3D film. The fembot themed work-in-progress burned my eyes real bad and the overwrought video game references were well, overwrought... but I've gotta say that heading to IMAX to see a fashion show was quite thrilling to say the least.

Greta Constantine's Friday night show went kinda like this: "let's get drunk and look at cars and then sit down for a while and watch some clothes". Held at the downtown Audi dealership that YOU CANNOT FIND FOR THE LIFE OF YOU, the Sin City inspired show of about a thousand jersey dresses and babealicious fur-leather getups for gals and zippered punk jackets for gals was a little derivative (ahem, Alex Wang Fall 2009, anyone?) but hella sexy and fun nonetheless.

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