Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Katie Girl of the Month: Melanie Somerset

Almost four months into 2010, we've got our first Katie Girl of the Month! Not to say there haven't been plenty o' cute friends worthy of the honour, I've been too busy being entertained by my friend Melanie Somerset.

Shopgirl by day and poseur/beer-chugger extraordinaire by night, Mel is one of the most hilariously entertaining gals in Toronto who never misses the chance to break out a couture pose, inappropriate joke or ripped tights (like actually though... Mel is the kinda gal that makes it hard to not name every Facebook album she's in 'The Mel Show') She also doesn't balk when I compare her to Margaret Cho just because she's funny and Asian. I stalked Mel for a while today on Facebook (obvi!) and these are some of my fave shots...