Monday, March 16, 2009

And Now, A Special Katie Girls Presentation:

Way down below the Mason-Dixon line, deep in mint julep and bluegrass country, lived three lovely little girls who slept in a great big blue fabric bin. This particular bin spilled over with luscious fabrics — chiffon, pin stripes, satin-faced organza.

The girls stayed in the bin working ever so hard on their senior collections during their final year of fashion school. Just for giggles, Teeny began making big hair bows and eventually, they began showing up at critiques looking like dolls who had somehow missed their nap time.

After graduation, the three girls found themselves once again lounging around together, but this time they were in a great big city! They continued to wear their bows, but started thinking about other things to do. Housey had a cat named Zoe, and she liked to wear their bow and tie creations around the house. "Since Zoe likes our bows so much," the girls thought, "maybe other animals and little girls (or boys) would too!" And after a bright and sunny brunch, it was decided: the three girls would form teeny house bunny.

The girls decided to put their hearts and souls into their bow and jewelry box creations. It was the perfect mix: teeny liked things to be neat and shiny, housey liked to put things together, and bunny liked to hop around and search for treasures for the bows.

And there they were — teeny house bunny. Just three little girls, bored with the ordinary, making fantasy out of fabric scraps.

So now you know: when I'm not filling my time with the duties of being a Katie Girl, I'm 1/3 of a hair accessories and jewelry line with some former Savannah College of Art & Design friends. We started the line a few months ago, and named it after a variation of our nicknames — teeny house bunny. Everything is designed by us and made by hand in our little studio up in the sky (also known as the living room of their sixth floor walk-up). We've had some relative success (trunk shows at Henri Bendel's! a purchase by Paris Hilton! on sale at Thistle & Clover!) and are working on new pieces and more jewelry.

I was at my older sister's darling house in North Carolina this weekend and decided to have a mini-photo shoot one morning. Let me know what you think!

ps-If you feel like showing some love, the pieces are available at:

Thistle & Clover in Fort Greene (,
at occasional Henri Bendel's trunk shows (
and via Etsy ( xoxo, KG

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