Monday, March 30, 2009

500 Days of Summer

The sweet but not saccharin story line of the upcoming 500 Days of Summer grabbed my attention before I even saw the trailer itself. Combining the one and only Zooey Deschanel, a suddenly adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a soundtrack including Hall & Oates, The Smiths, and Regina Spektor, the movie has left me more than a little obsessed:

On top of the pretty faces, good music, (I've started listening to "You Make My Dreams Come True" before work in the mornings) and all-too-relatable story line (with the exception of a statement made by fellow Katie Girl, Randi, who claims that she is always the Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this story. I couldn't agree more), the movie has a laid back, almost retro feel to it. The trailer has a way of making the mundane seem exciting, comfortable, and just cute all at the same time. Even Zooey's office-appropriate attire is desirable, as seen here in a shot with Gordon-Levitt and director Marc Webb.

Her simple blue button-up, denim skirt, and the loose schoolgirl-style bows featured in her hair throughout the trailer are totally mimic-able, and something I'll start doing right about now.

Our only complaint? The elevator scene at the start of the trailer. If this were the real world, it would go without saying that these two adorably intellectual office mates would like The Smiths. And really, the dude would probably ignore her. But hey-that won't stop us, and our hair bows, from making it out to 500 Days of Summer when it opens this summer.

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