Sunday, March 15, 2009

Talent Scout: Twain by D Suppa & L Tamaki

No doubt that one talented designer can usually produce quite nice results, but put two awesomely talented designers together and the result is pure genius! Such is the case with the Twain Collection, by Danielle Suppa and Lauren Tamaki.

The two met while studying fashion design at Ryerson University in Toronto and have shared a love for quirky design ever since. Both awesome in their own right, Danielle is a creative assistant at Joe Fresh as well as the mastermind behind Le Petit Beret and Lauren is an illustrator currently studying at the Alberta College of Art & Design (She even drew this sketch for us!)

The two designers created Twain as a sort of quiet celebration of the nerd, the bookworm who hasn't realized her clothes are a bit too tight. "We loved the idea of making uniformy boys clothes for a girl", says Danielle. "It's like she has to wear a uniform, but she's making it her own". In an equally nerdy fashion, the two even created a custom wood-grain print that looks somewhere in between a desk-top and a library floor! (See why we love to pimp our friends?)

And because we're certain you can't get enough of these lovely ladies (we sure as hell can't!) check out their other projects!

Le Petit Beret by Danielle Suppa
Illustrations by Lauren Tamaki

(portrait by Lauren Tamaki, photos by Sai Sivanesan)

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