Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Katie Girl of the Month: Anna Apse

While we may have forgotten to nominate a poster gal for August, Anna Apse has got enough 'tude to last two months long. Anna's naturally beautiful face, always flawless hair and overwhelming cool factor are just a few of the qualities that would lump her into that familiar category of friends that I used to/still do envy. Also, her parents' garage is a barn.

Since meeting Anna back in fashion school, I've always thought that Anna was one of the coolest cats I knew. Maybe it's her hair, but she really just reeks of 'it-factor'....

Urban Outfitters agrees. Working her way up from the floor to heading the displays - Anna just got promoted to Trend Forecaster at Urban headquarters in Phili! While I'm sure the Toronto stores will miss her quirky ways of layering tights, Anna's cool-sharing abilities will now go to a greater good: teaching the kids of America that mixing floral and plaid will save you for life.

Last year, Anna came to visit me in New York during Fashion Week. When I wised up to the fact that I could actually manoeuvre a friend into parties with me quite easily...I was so thrilled to have a gal like her as my date! She's hip! She's cool! She's The Katie Girls' September pin-up!

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