Thursday, September 3, 2009

Samantha, The Sea, and England

Ello all, this is my first post… I am a virgin blogger and I’m very excited to share my adventures with all of you. Every summer my friend Jack and his friends from college go on a camping trip in Cornwall, and this summer I was lucky enough to be in England and so Jack invited me to tag along. This excursion was by far my favorite part of the trip, which is somewhat baffling since who knew I’d love the sea and countryside more so than the city.

Cornwall is located at the Southern most tip of the United Kingdom, and happens to be the major surf spot for the UK (surfing in England, who would’ve thought?) Cornwall is absolutely beautiful and they even have their own Cornish ice cream and flag! Also, a little interesting tidbit is that some of the Cornish people are seeking greater autonomy from the UK, as they wish to self-govern. The perks of this 7+ hour car trip was the scenery. Along side my two adorable blonde haired proper English- boy friends, we ventured to Exeter, passed Stonehenge and even saw six rainbows on the ride home. All in all I loved my time in England! Yay!

The beach. Oh glorious beach!

Beaching with Prepsters and doing my best hippie van pose with Jack

Jack and Ollie (like obviously his name is Ollie) and the Exeter church!

On my way back from the outhouse...

If Jack were a bird!

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