Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Take: Rodarte Makes Death Pretty

We all know bad things are coming. Might as well make it look pretty, right? I'm assuming that the Mulleavy sisters agree with me, because a sort of beautified gloominess pervaded over their latest offering in a much more powerful way than in the last few seasons (if you're asking me, that is).

Everything about this collection was truly a work of cobwebbed art, from the precise draping to the haphazardly splashed sparkle to the tribal arm candy. Even right down to the faded red to black lipstick it screamed, "I am woman, hear me roar".

Even if the woman in this latest fairytale is roaring into the desolate dessert winds, I want to be her.


  1. excellent description...
    i am loving rodarte right now! the juxtapositions of tribal, colorful, webby, wrapped amazing-ness is totally glorious. i read that their SS10 collection is inspired by vultures, of all things. love it.

  2. yikes. vultures. i guess that explains why the clothes look eaten!