Thursday, September 24, 2009

Temperley Walks the Tight Rope

Like Britney before her, Alice Temperley is the latest lady to be tempted by the lion tamer. To showcase her Spring 2010 collection (and to celebrate London Fashion Week’s 25th Anniversary), Temperley, along with the folks at Milk Studio's LEGS, created this Circus Zoetrope video installation, which if I may say is superbly trippy in the best way possible. And while some of us might think raunchy thoughts when we think of the circus (oh wait, I'm the only one?), I am reminded of the days when I used to prance around in my diaper singing about the caged baby elephant! Does anyone but me remember Dumbo’s Circus? No one ever does, when I bring it up in one of those 'remember that show with the little cartoon people on the beach...' conversations, but it was the BEST SHOW EVER! Anyone? Anyone?

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