Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear Margaret, It's Me Nudity...

At the risk of sounding majorly uncool, I must admit that I have always been somewhat perplexed by the omnipresence of nudity in contemporary art/fashion photography. I'm on the level in portrait sense of course, (after all, Violin d'Ingres wouldn't be the same if Kiki were wearing a coat...) but what always seems to confuse me is when it's something like a chick making eggs without a shirt. Or a dude doing his taxes with his wang out.

Not that it bothers me really, but it just makes me the image supposed to arouse me? Is it perverse? Or is it in fact just the opposite, that the naked body represents the complete absence of in it's most natural form. What I'm assuming is that my own little dilemma is what the photographers hoped would happen...that they see nudity as a dichotomy as well. But then again, who knows.

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