Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Haiiiiiiiii Opening Ceremony Fall 2010

Opening Ceremony's Fall 2010 book is out and all I've got to say is: why you got to do this to me? Tati Cotliar - my fave model of the mo - is jumping around in the most exceedingly covetable pieces I have ever seen (since this morning at least) like she don't give a flying hoot that the rest of us mere humans can't even see them in the flesh (or, cotton) for a few months! Waving those silver platform booties in my face and then telling me I can't have them until at leaaaaast July (at which point I will invariably huff and puff about spending so much cash that I potentially miss my chance to actually purchase them in my size...) seems particularly cruel, Humberto.

Until I get my greasy paws on these puppies (eww), I spose the best I can do is stare/dream/pick my faves with a pink arrow/re-post them unoriginally/die inside.

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