Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talent Scout: Speech by Michael Mercanti Pt. 2

Can I still call myself a Talent Scout if just about everyone who knows what's up already knows that my scout-ee is an amazingly cool designer who makes some of the raddest, most unaffectedly punk looking jewelery? Mock me all you want, dear readers, because I'm bringing you up to speed once more on the amazingness that you probably already know as Michael Mercanti and his rad ass line of necklaces and rings, Speech.

His latest collection, entitled 'Lost Paradise' is what happens when Jesus meets Keith... religious iconography like the cross and the crown of thorns, that's been roughed up like mad and then molded in silver and slapped on chain. While the results are not what Grandma (well, definitely not my Buby, that's for sure) ordered, they are most certainly what every guy and gal this side of the PBR machine is going to want to wear night after night, for the rest of their late night existences.

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