Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Classy Trashy Index with Derek Blasberg

Derek Blasberg aka Man-about-Manhattan stopped by this side of the border this week for a fête (or two) in honour of his book Classy, which is an essential guide for young women who don't know the difference between showing a little skin and showing a little nip. Derek is the kind of guy that any self respecting struggling writer would just have to love to hate. He's everywhere all the time. He's got all the best gigs (writing for, Vogue, Interview and the list goes on...), all the cutest friends (the cutestest being gap-toothed Byrdie Bell, who played model in his book and gal pal last night) and as it would appear just the best life ever.

He’s also the kind of guy though, that completely disarms you at first look. Last night at the party at The Room at The Bay, I totes developed that kind of warm new-friend feeling towards Derek, so much so that I would say it was a crush. He is not only cool (obvi!) but really hilar, über-friendly and didn't make me feel awkward for pointing out that we had actually met a few times before. Also, he told me and my bestie that we looked like sisters (which we've heard about a mil times) and that it was a good thing that we were both beautiful because neither one of us would be considered the dog twin.. Swoonsville!

In honour of the book's theme, I put Derek to a bit of my own Classy vs Trashy questionnaire and found out that while the man has some strong opinions on what is and what is not acceptable – he finds it a bit difficult to disapprove of having some old fashioned fun (maybe).

Is having two drinks with dinner classy or trashy?
It's classy if you keep the fluids going. Always drink one glass of water per drink!

Is wearing tights as pants classy or trashy?
Trashy except in extenuating circumstances...

If they look hot!

Is sneaking a funny photo of an unassuming victim on your Blackberry classy or trashy?
I wouldn't even say that was classy or trashy, that's just plain DANGEROUS!

Will clogs post Spring 2010 be classy or trashy in your books?
Trashy with an asterisks... this is to be revisited by me next season.

Is it classy or trashy to double fist? (for the record, I MEANT DRINKS!)
Umm... is that an offer? You just want me to tell you you're classy, don’t you!

Is eating every hors d'oeuvre at a party classy or trashy?
Classy! As long as you don't make a meal out it! Although there was this one phase in college that I won't get into...


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  2. No doubt about it - YOU are classy, ms. randi.
    Lovely seeing you on monday. i'll make it longer next time. promise.
    x adrian

  3. Those promo buttons are hilarious.

  4. thanks god for the chance to enjoy so many good artical.........................................