Friday, May 1, 2009

A Nostalgic Katie Girls Nod to Blossom Russo

We Miss Blossom!

In the midst of some sassy repartee last month, I wittily quipped "welcome to the 90's!" to a particularly prudish friend. No sooner had it left my mouth though, did I realize, holy hasn't been the 90's for nine years. And furthermore, I haven't been a kid for nine years either. Whoa! (get it?)

Ever since I came to that realization, I've been majorly hankering for slap bracelets, fluorescents and Elijah Wood. And it's weird, because the fashion world is totally hankering too...but the difference is that they weren't necessarily all kids in the 90's...what I crave is purely of the schoolyard nature.

Blossom aka Mayim Bialik came up pretty frequently during my nostalgia attack and it's no wonder...I came out of the Blossom mold - just with a smaller nose. She dressed totally whack, spent more time talking about boys than actually being in their presence and was always smarter than everyone - the original spunk, that Blossom.

In the Katie Girls' first (of what I imagine will be many) attempt at Polyvore, the website for all collage enthusiasts - behold my shrine to Blossom Russo!

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