Sunday, May 31, 2009

WWOD: The ShamWow Incident

You might remember that WWOD is the section of The Katie Girls where we think about past decisions we've made and put them beneath a cute, oversized, vintage magnifying glass to see how they would compare with the decisions of our (well, my) Commander in Chief. Here's the latest dilemma that left us thinking, "What Would Obama Do?"

Issue # 2: The ShamWow Incident

Just recently, I was having dinner (and drinks) with some friends. Said friends had brought along a ShamWow and we had spent the evening demonstrating its power by repeatedly mopping up the table with the ShamWow, and ringing it out. Any and everything that was on that table was now in the ShamWow...water, tequila, salsa, and whatever else you typically find on the table of a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn.

Around this time, a bet was brought up. Should the ShamWow be rung out into a glass, and should the contents of that glass be drunken by someone, that someone would recieve $23. Seeing as this is a recession and seeing that I just really like gross stuff, I decided to drink the ShamWow water. For the most part, it tasted just fine. Maybe a little mineral-y, but not too bad.

It wasn't until the next morning when I realized the physical price I would pay might outshine the $23. I was on the subway, heading to work like a normal person, when I became overheated and fainted on the subway. On the subway! I then came to, got off at the next stop, grabbed a cab home, and spent the rest of the day with a weird, out of the ordinary bellyache. Was the public embarrassment and missed day of work worth the $23 I earned the night before? I'd like to think so.

But what would Obama do? Would he drink the ShamWow and risk his health for $23? In this case, I doubt it. Obams definitely seems like the type to want to have a laugh and some fun every now and again, but risking your health, especially as a public figure? Doubtful.

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