Sunday, October 11, 2009

Babe of the Biweekly: Pete Campbell

I'd like to preface this post by saying two things. 1. Okay, so what if Babe of the Biweekly is turning into a 'whenever I feel like it' kind of post. 2. Don Draper clearly owns the 'Babe of Mad Men' title, but sometimes you've just got to point out the little guy. Ok, so let's get back to business... is it just me or do you find Pete Campbell (played by Vincent Kartheiser) to be kind of a babe? Maybe it's his odd proclivity for steel blue suits, his baby face, his awkwardly romantic gestures towards Peggy or the way he danced with Trudy at Sterling's party, but his constantly ridiculous behaviour which at first repulsed me has totally got me crushing!

I originally was rooting for Kinsey, but then I realized he was just a self-important loser. Then I thought maybe okay, Harry... but then he was so pathetic after cheating on his wife that I was just like ugh... Ah yes, it took a while for the man in blue to catch my eye but let me just say: if I was a German nanny who'd stained a dress by accident, I'd totally be okay with my neighbor buying me a new one and then blocking my door so I couldn't get out! Eww! Aww!


  1. Even though Pete can be a total jerk, he's had me since season one episode one, when he slept with Peggy.

    I totally love him in a weird, not sure if I should, but totally do, way.

  2. hi.)
    i really don't know what Babe of the Biweekly is, but i liked these pics a lot. is it TV series?

  3. Pete himself can be a cad at times, but there's no denying his fashion sense is enough to spark thoughts of love from those (like myself) who adore vintage fashion :D

    Wishing you a splendid Wednesday,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. wow i really do need to get on the madmen train!!!

  5. just jumped on the mad men bandwagon after watching the "wheel" episode..brought a tear to my eye for realz.

    i've had a crush on vincent kartheiser since he first appeared on "angel" hahah.