Monday, October 5, 2009

So This Is What They Meant by Eau de Toilette!

On Saturday night I waited in line to breathe deep in a porta-potty, and let me tell you…it was divine! As part of the Toronto-wide all night art fest, Nuit Blanche, Montreal based artist Chih-Chien Wang replaced the usually frightful interiors of 10 porta-potties with unlikely materials and scents, meant to conjure up various characters and landscapes of Alice in Wonderland. As I’ve already mentioned, I am obsessed with anything Alice and so on top of this being the coolest thing ever…this was like the COOLEST THING EVER!

Aside from two potties being blocked off because of drunk douchebags doing the obviously douchbaggy thing and ruining the cake and strawberry potties, the whole thing was a sensory overload…in the best way possible. My favorite was the potty filled to the brim with delish smelling yellow flowers!

The night was filled with too many amazing exhibits to count, but to give you a peek at what my favorites were, I’ve stolen some pictures from The Torontoist’s coverage of Nuit Blanche.

Outside of the Porta-Potties

Crazy futuristic light-thing hanging from City Hall
A Carnival slide smack dab in the middle of the Financial District

Another of my fave exhibits, inside Union Station

I just remember dancing in here...

Blindfolded boxing at the Bus Terminal!


  1. i'm pissed i missed thisss

    all my nuit blanche pictures are brutes...i think at the time i thought EVERYTHIGN was cool...because well...;)..then i looked at some of the pics and some of it was def not cool

  2. hahah....but hello kitty looked fiiiiiiiiiiiiine