Monday, October 5, 2009

"What Is It With You, Plastics?"

As if everyone ever didn’t call this like a million times, Ungaro’s move to bring Lindsay Lohan on board as ‘artistic advisor’ officially just proved itself to be completely idiotic. As if the images above don't drive the point home, just take a look at last season's whimsical delight in comparison to this so-not-hot mess. Nicole Phelps put it mildly when she called it a “bad joke of a fashion show”. Like who the hell gets rid of the Tavi of designers, Esteban Cortazar in place for the girl who isn’t even a fake lesbian anymore? What the eff were they thinking?


  1. This post made me laugh. :)


  2. i may be one of the few who didn't find it all that bad, minus the questionable pasties. certainly not very ungaro, but i thought it was a contemporary and wearable collection...especially some of the tulipy draped frocks and shoes.

    i'm actually steaming mad over how the CEO manipulated a clearly troubled girl into doing this knowing full well what the consensus would be like. rather disgraceful.

    this sums it up: