Friday, October 2, 2009

Opening Ceremony x Where The Wild Things Are

Already poised to take the cake as the coolest kids movie of all time, Where The Wild Things Are, has just upped the ante with Spike Jonze’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Part costume, part stunningly amazing faux fur coats, jackets, dresses and separates…the collection makes me weak in the knees! Especially the reversible vest pictured above centre. Oh and there are accoutrements too! Our girl Pamela Love created some seriously wicked necklaces, bangles and rings to match the fuzzy collection.

But realises now, if anyone is looking to get me a half-year birthday present, the vest is a super reasonable $415….available at Thanks!

And yet another time for the cheap seats: watch this trailer for the 90th time. Get faclempt. Then look around the room like you were just sneezing.


  1. I die, can't wait to see this I already have the trailer song on my ipod!

  2. Dude, fuck faclempt - I go full on, my-pony-just-died sob whenever I watch that trailer. Ask Danielle.