Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Wrongs That Make a Right

Russian Vogue's recent boob-tastic accessories shoot featuring Dree Hemingway in all her glory combines the two things that usually irk me the most: an it-girl by association and nudity just because. Why then, am I posting about it? Because these photos are also just beyond beyond beyond stunning, captivating, and downright magnificent. I've really never given Dree much due for being anything other than an old-moneyed rich girl, but these shots have got me changing my tune. I have never seen this season's lush, dark lip appear so powerful as on her pale and frail complexion. Nor have I seen a skinny chick with tiny tatas look so un-contrived. Feel like getting shitfaced in Key West or starring in a Woody Allen film? You go, 4th generation Hemingway. You go.

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