Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Showtime With...Ferraby Lionheart

While most people enjoy a concert every now and then, we’re huge advocates of live music and performances. In fact, these Katie Girls are usually up for a concert even if we don’t know the performer. We just love us a good show.

Which is why we’ll be spilling the digital beans about any shows we attend in It's Showtime. We are just that obsessed — or should we say passionate — about live music.

Granted, for this show I totally judged the book by its cover: if you know anything about my crushing style, you would know that Ferraby Lionheart is it. A first glance on BrooklynVegan, followed by a couple of downloads later, and I was hooked and on my way to see him play in one of his many February shows at Pianos.

And really, the cover of this book didn’t upset. On top of being cute and having perfectly worn-in, slightly too-small clothing, Ferraby has real talent. His voice is excellent, as is his skill with the piano and the harmonica. And seriously — who doesn’t love some good, honest harmonica?

The hour-ish set left me uplifted and a little girlishly giddy about Sir Lionheart, who I would absolutely recommend even without the pleasing cover.

For a bit more on my new babe, check him out at:


ps. we borrowed this picture from brooklynvegan.com

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