Friday, February 20, 2009

Le Lim: Our Take

I first fell in love with Phillip Lim because of his menswear. For whatever reason (lack of contact with straight men?) I really like men's clothing and found Lim’s structured yet comfortable simplicity to be refreshing. Lucky for me — or not, considering the current state of my wallet — Lim’s delicious design methods translate perfectly into clothes that are made for women to wear. Good ol’ Phillip’s view for Fall ’09 coincides with the predictions of many of the other designers but with a bit of Jolly England, a bit more ‘60s, and a bit more Lim.

Robin's Pick(s)

Between these two looks, I honestly couldn’t decide. My first love was the incredibly functional and adorable wool short suit on the left. I love the double-breasted top, the fact that it’s a top and not a coat, and the geometrical aspects. The shorts are genius — sexy but totally comfortable.

The look on the right took hold of me during my second review of Le Lim and wouldn’t let go. This slinky, girly dress becomes hardened by the jagged and jazzy hem. The teddy bear-inspired wool coat is the perfect contrast to the light, flapper-ized dress and adds some fall-worthy warmth.

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