Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WWOD: Round One

Like us, you're probably a big fan of President Obama. Unlike us, you probably don't obsess over his smile, his clothes or even his thoughts.

But in reality, there's a lot we could all learn from this man. No matter what he came across on the campaign trail, and no matter what he's already dealt with in the early days of his historical presidency, the man has kept almost unnaturally calm. (There have been countless articles and even parodies already about the way he handles himself.) We will be addressing the man and his manner in a section we like to call What Would Obama Do, because when we get stuck with a problem, instead of solving it ourselves, we're really wondering, WWOD?

Issue No. 1: Talking About Yourself

Over the past few months Robin began working on a series of projects, namely this blog and a line of hair accessories (more to be revealed in posts to come). She failed to mention them to most of her friends because it made her uncomfortable. She's aware that her friends are interested in what's going on in her life, but she gets out-of-control shy and doesn't like to talk about herself.

So what did Robin do? She didn't tell half of her friends about the projects. Then they were confused about why they didn't know about said projects, and she had to explain, "No, no, no — it really isn't you, it's me. I get weird and shy and uncomfortable and sometimes hate drawing attention to myself. You know?"

But sometimes they didn't know.

Which brings us to our point: what would Obama do? Since he's a lefty, and lefties tend to be more cautious and inhibited, we think he would be somewhat hesitant about talking about himself, but then again - he had to make it to the top somehow, right? Maybe he's not shy, but rather just hesitant to gloat. We think he would casually bring his acheivement up in a conversation (perhaps over dinner?), and everything would be ok and right and normal in the world.

That's just the kind of guy he is.

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