Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rag & Bone: Our Take

Can we talk R & B for a second? Not in the Boyz II Men, romantic way that we're all so used to, but Rag & Bone. No doubt the duo of Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have proved themselves since their womenswear debut in Fall 2005, but there's just something about the line that I've never found as amazing as everyone else seems to. The collection was wearable, which is something of total importance to me, and also nicely layered. The pops of red against the black, navy, and grey palette kept things fresh and the pleated shorts in look six made my heart swell on this special day of love. But Thom? Anna? Lily, Stam, Freja, etc. etc. etc?

Robin's Kick

If you didn't know this was Rag & Bone, could you honestly look at this picture — the unflattering pleated skirt over jeans/leggings, the jacket that you could almost imagine (minus the tails) sitting in Macy's this very minute — and imagine Anna supporting this? Disagree all you want. Maybe I'm totally missing out on something, but I'm just a bit...confused. I love the guys (and the fact that they're straight) and I love (most of) the clothes, but the overblown hype is something I could do without.

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